Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mejico, Miranda

Mejico in the Sydney City is a 77% like rate. Mejico in Miranda is 47%. Odd because I think they are comparable. Expect modest portions with clean, modern flavours. There is atmosphere and presence at Miranda with a DJ blaring loud music on a Saturday afternoon.

To start off with (above), I had the chicken Tacos (2 per serving) which included , tender grilled chicken thigh with chorizo and a cucumber and cumin salsa at $12. They resemble tandoori flavours which are typically not found in your traditional Mexican restaurants. The bread is super thin but overall it's very tasty.

I also tried the twice cooked pork belly with honey and guajillo, spiced reduction pickled cabbage. The dish is topped with crispy crackling at $18. It was a nice pork belly but nothing amazing! Pork Belly really seems to have popped out in popularity on many menus. I would give this one a miss and try something else.

For something refreshing, I also tried the summer Salsa, ($12) with fresh diced kiwifruit, plantain and parsley, tossed lightly through a lime and agave syrup with chopped jalaperlos. The dish is topped with a stack of crispy plantains. This is a nice fruity twist to your traditional salsa and the flavours will dance on your tastebuds. Worth a try!

On the day, there was also a dessert special of a Tiramasu mousse (below) which was quite nice :)

Overall, I thought the place had great atmosphere. The food was a little pricey for what it was but worth a visit occasionally. If you want more traditional mexican than stick to Dos Senoritas or for something more casual then check out El Loco

Prices: $30-40 per head

Location: 2202/600 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 222

Opening Hours: 12pm to late every day

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