Friday, 22 May 2015

Ume Japanese Restaurant, Surry Hills

Ume has a very highly liked rate on urbanspoon at 85%. For a slice of fine dining; you will have an option of a 5 course degustation or a 7 course degustation at Ume. 

You may also opt for matching sakes or matching sakes and wine. On this occasion, I opted for the 5 course menu at $67. I was very tempted to pay the additional $45 for the matching sake and wines. 

The decore casually chic with a beautiful mural of flowers on the wall and elegant pieces of tableware. 

The first dish is the Katsuo Sashimi (above). This comprised of bonito sashimi with yuzu shoyu, baby shiso, black sesame and wasabi. The bonito sashimi is fresh and a great start to the meal. It's also very well presented. I am a very big of sashimi

Another very sexy to the eye dish was the Shiki no Salad. This dish was a medley of roast heirloom carrots, fried brussel sprouts, buckwheat, black vinegar and tamari custard. The dish looks beautiful and is simply cooked to bring out the natural flavours of the vegetables.

I really enjoyed the next dish above, the Miso Yaki Gindara. It was approximately 7cms of delightful miso flavoured fish. I just wish there was more of it. The Miso Yaki Gindara cured black cod was glazed with a mild sweet miso. It was cooked on charcoal with daikon oroshi, chive and ginger oil.

Next up was the Riverina Lamb. The lamb was charred and there were small bits of spinach, wasabi, garlic and seaweed. I'm not really a fan of the charred flavour but the lamb was very tender.

For dessert, there was the delightful Peaches and Cream. Think of honey poached peaches, smoked tea ice cream, sata-andagi, freeze dried raspberry with lavendar honey.  A nice dish to end the night.

Overall, it was a nice experience. The degustation is a very light meal and I suspect a very healthy one. There were lots of layers of flavour and texture and the staff are very attentive. If you are very hungry, I'd suggest a different venue.

Prices: $67 for a 5 course degustation

Location: 478 Bourke St, Surry Hills

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday6:00-10:30 pm
Wednesday6:00-10:30 pm
Thursday6:00-10:30 pm
Friday12:00-2:30 pm6:00-10:30 pm
Saturday12:00-2:30 pm6:00-10:30 pm

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 7/10 for Posh Dining 
Customer Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value: 7/10

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