Friday, 26 January 2018

Nazimi, Sydney CBD

Nazimi is a hole in the wall Japanese restaurant in the Sydney CBD right nearby Town Hall. I've been here a few times and it's been a reliable Japanese meal. Matt and I head here for a casual dinner on Friday night. It's quite busy but we're able to get a table.
As we have some big goals this year, we're trying to spend less money so this dinner is what we call a "discretionary spend" but it's somewhat reasonably priced. We first order a monthly special which is the soba noodles with a side of sushi (You can also choose tempura if that's your preference instead of sushi). 

The cold soba noodles are dipped in a home made tsuya  which is a mild sauce made from soy, dashi soup stock, mirin and sugar. The sushi are 4 nigiris of fish and one prawn. I've had cold soba noodles before but Matt for some reason was hoping for a Soba Salad. The soba is simple and enjoyable to eat.

We also order another monthly special which is the salmon and mango sushi with a light lemon mayonnaise ($18). The mango naturally adds a sweetness to the sushi which is a different combination and quite nice in summer. Although I think I prefer the traditional salmon sushi rolls.

The highlight of the meal is the Kaarage Chicken ($9.50) with a home made mustard sauce. The sauce is the highlight for me with real citrus tones mixed into a sweet and mellow mustard sauce. I really like this dish and would recommend again.

Summary: If you're looking for a casual Japanese dinner in Town Hall, I'd recommend Nazimi. They have a good menu full of Japanese favourites. I'd recommend ordering the Kaarage chicken with that delicious sauce.

Price: $60 for two people on this occasion. 

Location: 141 York St, Sydney CBD right across from QVB

Opening Hours: 

Closed Sunday
Monday to Saturday 10am to 3:30pm and 5pm to 10pm

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