Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Chat Thai, Pitt St Food Court

A lot of people say that Chai Thai is the best Thai in Sydney.  This is probably why the chains have been so widely popular and successful.  Whether this is the best Thai in Sydney is debatable but what I can agree with is that I do like eating at Chai Thai.

I stopped by at their new Westfield chain in the bottom of the Pitt St Food Court.  I ordered the Beef Pad Thai ($12.50) and also a soy bean milk drink ($3.50).  I really wanted the prawn pad thai but wasn't willing to pay the extra $5 for it.

The Pad Thai was really tasty.  I love the sides of sugar, chili and crushed peanuts that you can mix in with the noodles. You can control the right flavours of sweetness, chili and peanut taste! The noodles are perfectly cooked and flavoured and there are just enough bean sprouts for that difference in texture.  The soy bean drink was milky, sweet and provided relief from the chili. It was the perfect combination!

Prices: $13ish for a main

Location: Bottom of Pitt St food court, Westfields Sydney

Chat Thai on Urbanspoon Chat Thai on Urbanspoon

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