Friday, 31 October 2014

Mary's, Newtown

The debate of Sydney's Best Burgers often mentions "Mary's" in Newtown. Located just off King st in an obscure entrance, pop by for a cosy, casual atmosphere and be ready for some tasty food.

Upstairs was a random art work (pictured above) which caught my eye.

The whole atmosphere upstairs was very rustic. Jars of candles, oddly shaped water bottles and beers just made me feel like I was in a cave-like pub (pictured left).

It's hard to believe that ex-Tetsuya head Chef is now at Mary's which resembles something more like a dark and dungeon-like pub.

I tried the Mary's Burger which came with a side of fries at $15.  The burger was easy to eat; handfuls of salty chips with the burger resembled the traditional McDonald's fries. The combination of the burger meat patty combined with the cheese, soft bun with trimmings of lettuce was bit fancy.  The bread was a little bit sweet and quite soft - it reminded me of bread top. The meat was quite nice.

I think overall based on food, experience and value for money, I would still say Chur Burger is at the top of my "Sydney's best burger" but Mary's is very close. I'd definitely come back to try the chicken and a few other dishes too.

Prices: $15 for burger/fries + drinks

Location: Look out the obscure entrance on the side street, 6 Mary St, Newtown. It used to be an STD Clinic apparently. 

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