Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tatsuya, West Ryde

Tatsuya is my local favourite, owned by Koreans but provide really tasty Japanese food.

Tatsuya is distinctively attached to the petrol station in West Ryde. It's a little restaurant but is always full of customers. I suggest making a reservation if you want a guaranteed table.  Most people will order the sashimi or sushi platter (the deluxe platter is $38, top photo).

California roll ($12.90, above photos) is pretty good. While a fairly standard dish on most sushi menus, here it is done to a high standard. 

The spicy yakiniku ($14.90, below) only comes as a pork version. If you are looking for something less spicy, they offer a beef version without spice. Either way, it is quite a tasty dish, resembling something served on a hot plate (although this isn't obviously). Served with a small salad and bowl of rice on the side, it is quite a well balanced meal!

The plain udon ($9.90, below) is always a favourite. It is a great end to a long day. 

Flavoursome broth, filled with perfectly cooked udon noodles, some vegetables, and tempura for a bit of added interest. 

This dish goes amazingly well with a small sprinkling of Tetsuya's spice mix, which they supply in salt shakers on every table.

The regular sushi platter ($18.90, below) is a great set for those who want a bit of everything. You can see that you get a good mix of a variety of nigiri, as well as a tuna roll and inari. All the sushi is prepared to a high standard, and is very flavoursome! I love the ginger here.

The grilled salmon roll ($16.90, below) is also a great choice for a sushi roll. The grilled sushi (on top) and raw sushi (inside) offer a nice contrast of both flavours and textures. The mixture of sauces are also a good mix. Quite a tasty dish! I also quite like the age maki which is a fried seaweed and noodle dish. It provides a bit of crunch amongst all the sushi and sashimi delights.

Overall, Tatsuya is still a fantastic local option if you are looking for sushi in the West Ryde area.

Summary: Matt's Rating: 
Food: 8/10 for casual dining
Customer Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value: 7/10

This post was written by Matt.

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