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Chinatown Noodle Restaurant, Bathurst St, Town Hall, Sydney

LOVE THE HAND MADE NOODLES! THEY ARE SO ADDICTIVE. SLURP SLURP. Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is a cheap and cheerful eatery which is really popular. The decore is not great though.

Focus your mind and think about slurping hand made noodles in a light chilli oil. Think about pork and chive fried dumplings in a mix of vinegar and soy sauce and beautiful eggplant. Are you hungry? This is exactly what Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is known for.

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is located on Bathurst St in Town Hall which is close to the station. The menu looks very similar to Chinese Noodle Restaurant in Chinatown although the name slightly differs. The decore is pretty average but you don't come here for the decore, you come here for the food.

For $10, you can get the most delicious hand made noodles. The hand made noodles with beef (above photo) is a combination of odd shaped noodles that are thick and so delicious to slurp, with beef, celery, capsicum and fresh tomato. I like to mix the noodles with chilli, soy and vinegar. It's so addictive. It's like a drug, there's something about the texture of the noodles that is so addictive. I am on a high.

On another occasion, I ordered the hand made noodles with egg and tomato ($10, below and top photo). I quite like this as the large chunks of tomato blend nicely with the hand made noodles and there's quite a bit of egg. There's really no other vegetables. It's the texture of the noodles that make me coming back for more. I suggest sharing the noodles dishes.

Foodgasms will just naturally come flowing. Enjoy the noodles with complimentary tea.

Another signature dish for Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is the special braised eggplant ($10.80).  The eggplant is cut up in large chunks and is drenched in a slightly sweet sauce. It's heavenly and even those who don't like eggplant will be pleasantly surprised. The eggplant is not quite squishy in texture or too hard - it's somewhere in between where it's just enjoyable to eat. This is a must order dish. Totally delicious, yummy and nomnomnom.

No visit is complete to Chinatown Noodle Restaurant without an order of dumplings. You can order full serves or half serves which allows you to try different dumpling dishes. I like ordering half serves of 6 dumplings. You can choose the cooking methods of them being boiled, steamed or fried.

I always order the naughty fried version of pork and chive dumplings and the lamb and onion dumplings. They are divine with a bit of soy and vinegar sauce with chilli oil. The dumpling skin is thick and doughy and the meat is minced. It's quite nice.

Overall, I am a massive fan of Chinatown Noodle Restaurant. It has the same menu as Chinese Noodles Restaurant in Chinatown. I always order the same thing as I've had so many foodgasms from the delicious noodles, eggplant and dumplings. It's so yummy. I can't recommend this more! Bring a few friends and share!!!!

Prices: $10-15ish per person

Location: 77 Bathurst St, Sydney (near Town Hall Station)

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 10/10 for casual dining 
Customer Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Value: 10/10

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