Saturday, 19 March 2016

Jeans Chilli Chicken, Eastwood

WARNING. TOO SPICY!!!! Jean's Chilli Chicken is located in Eastwood Hotel and is famous for it's chilli chicken.
After reading reviews from several bloggers and specifically choc suez; I wanted to try the famous chilli chicken. I had read some warnings about how spicy this chicken is but I am determined to test my chilli radar. I looked at the menu and all there are chilli icons, three chillis being the highest. I opt for two chilli icons on the Chilli Cheese Chicken ($35, above).

The first few bites will hit you with a POW chilli and  the chicken is quite succulent. The cheese barely makes a dent in the taste of that POW chilli taste. After a few bites of the chicken, I realise my tongue is on fire and I really struggle. The chilli slowly paralyses my face. I STRUGGLE TO TAME THE FIRE ON MY TONGUE. HEEELLPP!!!

Luckily there are some sides that come along with the chicken. You will get a plate of pasta salad which chunks of apple and cucumber. This provides some relief to the POW chilli cheese chicken. The pasta is quite heavily coated by mayonnaise. I like the apple pieces. My tongue and face are still struggling with the spicy chilli.

Another side which I gobble down is the radish cubes. These probably provide the most relief so far. I attempt to have another bite of the chilli cheese chicken, this time with more cheese. My tongue is completely numb and I wonder why I went back for more.

The third side which comes with the chicken is a bowl of rice and seaweed. You are given gloves so you can roll them into little balls. I devour some rice bowls in hope to alleviate the chilli on my tongue along with big gulps of my drink.

The rice balls have crunchy bits of seaweed and rice. I eat more of these. I have one last bite of cheese. So far I have only eaten 1 and a half bits of chicken. I surrender to the chilli and stop eating the chicken. MY TONGUE IS STILL ON FIRE

Overall, I think $35 for two people for the chicken and all the sides is amazing value. I just was unable to eat the chicken due to how chilli it is. Perhaps only try this if you have a very high chilli tolerance.

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