Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Home Cooking: Dee's Homemade Big Macs!

We all secretly love Big Macs! Check out Dee's Home Made Big Macs recipe including that Big Mac Sauce (oohh yeah).

As kids, I remember whenever we asked mum to take us to McDonalds, she would generally say no and take us home (to our disappointment) and served up a handmade burger that tasted nothing like Maccas. Looking back now I'd say they were actually a lot tastier and more like a milk bar type burger.

Today I decided to recreate the McDonald's experience from home so that if I ever have kids and they ask me to take them to McDonald's then I'd know whether my offer would be just as good or even better than what the Golden Arches provided.
I chose to recreate the Big Mac as its my personal favorite on the menu but I decided to use sweet potato fries on the side instead. I searched dozens of pages, forums and web pages for all the other big kids like me taking a crack at replicating the worlds most famous burger... but times 10 in case the 5 of us wanted seconds.

I found that while several pages offered a long and complex way to make the sauce, I found a shortcut using 2 bottles of Thousand Island Dressing and about 4 tablespoons of whole egg mayonnaise with 1 tablespoon of sugar and about 6 small chopped pickles. When stacked with all the other ingredients it tasted identical to the real thing.

I used 1.5 kgs angus beef mince, 1 egg and salt and pepper to season. I cooked this on the bbq to keep the juices and provide that nice bbq flavour that you don't get on the grill.

The lettuce was shredded with a food processor to replicate McDonald's style (2 x lettuce heads), we used butternut pickles, 1 block of Red Leicester cheese and 24 hamburger rolls toasted in the oven.

The overall comments concluded that it tasted almost identical to the original however there was a little too much bread and not enough sauce. It was extremely satisfying with one comment being: " This tastes exactly like what a big mac would taste if McDonald's used real ingredients..." I'm happy with that!

This post was submitted by Dee aka @dee.instafoodie. 

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