Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mc Donalds, Darling Quarter

So being a food blogger, some of my work mates might think that I would be too snobby for a meal at Maccas. I still have a weakness for Maccas despite the vast variety of choices in Sydney. 

The Maccas at Darling Quarter is pretty decent. The staff are pretty good and the venue is clean. My only fear is of the seagulls and ibis birds that seem to attack anyone with food outside the venue. DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS PEOPLE! PLEASE.
So after a really busy period at work, I suggest to celebrate overcoming the busy work period - that we celebrate with a Big Mac. My colleague Steph and I often joke that the Big Mac could be a great meal to console a challenging day at work.

It's been some time since I've had Maccas and I hadn't realised that a medium Big Mac meal is almost $10. I suppose that the going rate for lunch is probably $10 these days.

The Big Mac is well put together and is consistent in flavours. Two beef patties, special sauce and cheese on a bun. The chips are soft, salty and hit the spot. Everything is so familiar. Maccas has done well to affect me from childhood so that the flavours and the memories carry through to my adult hood. Now I am OLD!

Unfortunately I didn't win anything from the instant monopoly game however I enjoyed my Big Mac Meal. Hi5.

My workmate Leena starts telling me about some of the Maccas hacks including ordering the Mc Chicken pattie only as a cheaper alternative to chicken nuggets. My other work mate Nick wants to go to Maccas more often. LOL

The Big Mac Meal is huge in calories so I can't afford to go here too often however I enjoy the meal. Hi5 Maccas!!! Hi5.

Enjoy folks!! Watch out for the birds when you visit.

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