Saturday, 29 October 2016

Miss Americas Diner, Riverwood

Miss Americas Diner is a pop-up that occurs every Friday and Sunday from 6pm in Riverwood. It's the place to be out west so reservations are highly recommended.

Famous instagrammer Sweetandyummie is known for her gorgeous photos and nails. She invited me to check out Miss Americas Diner recently with some other foodies.

Miss Americas Diner is a charming little eatery with 80's style signs, props and tarten table cloths. It's really busy and people are waiting outside.

With so much food in front of me, I feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I'm enjoying the company instagrammer/comedian random din dins makes everyone else laugh with his antics.

Sweetandyummie encourages me to start eating, I suspect she can see how overwhelmed I am with all the food in front of us. I am a sucker for cheesy fries ($11.50) so I start digging into that. The cheesy sauce was so good. I basically breathed in these fries.

I love a good burger and there are so many burgers to enjoy!! I highly recommend the James Dean - Be A Rebel ($13) which has two beef patties with cheddar, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Otherwise keep it simple with the Sinatra ($11.50) which is a single beef patty with cheddar, lettuce and tomato. 

My inner child starts to really get excited when I see these pluto pops. I really love this simple yet charming hot dog on a stick.  I think this is a must order really.

There are also milkshakes to complement the burgers. I end up slurping lots of the chocolate milkshake, enjoying the cream and delightful lollies to top everything up.

While I'm quite full by now, I also enjoy some of the heart attack fries. Who could resist? I am loving this place!!!

I also try some of Miss Americas Diner however the highlight has to be the ice cream sandwich (bottom photo). It was so good. I'm not sure if the other desserts worked for me but this one was really good.

Summary: Overall, I really enjoyed Miss Americas Diner. I don't venture out to Riverwood much but I would definitely come back if I was a local. Their cheesy fries, burgers, milkshake and sandwich ice cream are a fabulous combination for a casual meal with friends.

Price: $15ish per burger. $13ish for the fries

Location: 210 Belmore Rd, Riverwood, NSW

Opening times: As per photo below

Thanks to Sweetandyummie for the invite. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

Miss America's Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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