Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Taste of Shanghai, new additions to the menu

Taste of Shanghai is one of my favourite restaurants especially for Xiao Long Bao dumplings. They recently have a few new additions to the menu to satisfy those tastebuds.
MW and I check out Taste of Shanghai in World Square along with other foodies to see what's new on the menu. Their recent renovation makes for a more dimly lit decore.

Taste of Shanghai has a series of new non-alcoholic drinks which you may want to check out from the left hand side, "my coconut and palm", "Pineapple Crush", "Fizzy Berry" and "Pink Lady". There's also the usual wine/beer and the tea, softdrinks and water available. 

New on the menu and what I was really looking forward to the $68 giant pot of local lobster with ginger and shallot flavoured broth and noodles. MW is allergic to lobster so he sits back but I go for it baby! The big chunks of lobster are delightful to eat and the subtle ginger/shallot broth with noodles is nice to eat. I add a dap of chilli just to add to the subtle flavours.

MW instead tries some of the new Chinese broccoli with roasted pork for $18.67. It's predominantly vegetables so a good opportunity to increase your vitamins. One of my favourites is always the new Salt and Pepper calamari rings for $18.67. The batter is light so it's not oily. I also enjoy the prominent salt and pepper flavours with the fried spring onions on top. I highly recommend ordering this dish.

Now for one of the more fusion and creative new additions to the menu. Some of the other foodies disagreed and preferred a more traditional Black Pepper Beef dish however MW and I quite enjoy the Black Pepper Beef on Waffle $20.89. The flavours are BOLD in this dish so expect really strong peppery and rich flavours in the beef and the waffle is sweet which adds to the richness. I really like this dish because it's creative and contrasts well with the more subtle flavours in the other dishes. This dish will liven up your senses.

There's also the HK Style Halibut Fish Steak with vegetables ($16.64) and Three cup fish head ($17.56) which are great for fish lovers. I stay away from the fish heads as it's a bit foreign for me but I know tonnes of Asians love this stuff.

There is also the baby clam with Kam Heuong Sauce ($18.67) which MW avoids he has a shell fish allergy. I taste this dish including the marinated fried bread pieces.

No Taste of Shanghai visit is complete without ordering their legendary Xiao Long Bao or their pork buns. I loveeeee their Xiao Long Bao. You must come back for a visit to check out their new menu.

Summary: If you haven't been to Taste of Shanghai for a while, check out their new items. My faves were the Salt and Pepper Calamari Rings and the Black Beef on waffles. If you are a lobster fan - you should order the giant pot as well. Love your work and your dumplings - Taste of Shanghai.

Prices: $30 per person

Location: Downstairs in World Square, 644 George St, Sydney

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Wasamedia. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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