Sunday, 17 September 2017

Chat Kaatz, Harris Park, Food Taste Tour Part 1

I must confess, I am no expert when it comes to Indian Food so MW and I decide to check out the Harris Park Food Taste Tour. The Taste Food Tours is a not-for-profit organisation that is designed to promote diversity and cultural harmony. Today, we venture out into the suburb of Harris Park which is known for it's authentic Indian Food.
It's a cold and windy day, our tour leader facilitates the introduction to the group and we start talking about how favourite food. Our Tour Leader has an Indian background but is from Singapore and is studying in Australia. Very diverse.

The original meeting point is at Chat Kaatz which is already buzzing full of patrons eating breakfast. Chat Kaatz has a cute little chilli icon. Our tour leader talks about Indian street food and gives us an insight into what an authentic breakfast may look like

I manage to nab a seat right by the glass window where I can see all the action. The chef is preparing Jalebi which is a bright orange dish mainly made from fried sugar.

We try the Sabudhana vada (above) which reminds me of an Indian hash brown but it's actually a tapioca snack. It's a common street food made from sago, potato and ground peanuts. This would be perfect with breakfast especially with he accompanying sauces.

We also try the Dhokla which is a yellow steamed cake. It's a vegetarian food which originates in Gujarat. I'm told it can be eaten at all times of the day - whether it be breakfast, side dish or as a snack. It's soft in texture but is a savoury sort of cake. MW enjoys this one. The Dhokla cake goes down really well with some of the chai tea. 

And the highlight of the street food is the Jalebi and fafda. The bright orange fried sugar is a favourite of many in our tour group as it has a real sugary hit. I dip the fafda into the dip which mildly tastes like passionfruit and I also eat some of the radished carrot. 

Our next stop is a peak into the grocery store full of Indian goods. Our tour leader talks through some of the key staples of an Indian shopping basket which are really interesting.

We also get some time to roam around and look at the produce. I'm completely out of my depth but am very curious about all the products and take note of the packaging.  Our group is very lively and social which makes things fun.

So where to next on this Harris Park Taste Tour?

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