Friday, 1 September 2017

Frankie's Beans, Darlinghurst

Steph and I check out the cosy cafe called Frankie's Beans recently. Coffee fans, have you heard of Frank Andrews Australian International Award Winning coffee beans? Frank has a whole sale business in selling his coffee but has also recently opened up a cosy little cafe where you can find his coffee and some cafe culinary delights. 

Frankie's Bean is located in Darlinghurst, a short stroll from Kings Cross Station. While it's a tiny venue, a healthy stream of people seem to filter through the little cafe. Frank is really friendly and knows all the locals by name. He's Frank by name and Frank by nature and he most certainly knows his coffee. While chatting with Frank it becomes instantly obvious that he has a deep passion for coffee. 

Steph is a total coffee lover. I can see her eyes light up as we chat about the famous award-winning 3 columbians blend. The secret at this cafe is - you can tailor how you want your coffee -  An Ethiopian FAB with 11.4 grams of coffee'? It's a coffee lovers dream and quite a unique experience.

Frank's signature coffee blend "3 Columbians" is a superbly smooth (and multi award winning) single origin blend. If you think you don't like black coffee, think again! Frankie's FAB brew method of coffee is not one to pass up and is set to change coffee industry. Maestro Frank collaborated with engineers from coffee machine builder Sanremo to invent a whole new way of brewing coffee at a fraction of the normal atmospheric pressure. He has the only coffee machine which is able to replicate a pour over coffee to achieve better consistency and in a fraction of the time. The flavour is supremely delicate. You'll notice the coffee taste evolve as it goes from hot to cooler so take your time and enjoy. Definitely the most innovative cup of coffee I've ever tried.

Frankie's Bean has a short and simple menu but there are some hidden gems in there. My favourite is the Lamb Jaffle ($10) which on surface looks like such a simple dish but this jaffle certainly packs a punch when it comes to flavour. The bread is perfectly toasted and crunchy and holds the filling of slow cooked lamb with cheese and tzatziki. The lamb is so flavoursome and this dish is so homely. I absolutely love it.

If you're looking for something more breakfast like, I highly recommend the Brekky Bowl ($16, above and below pics) which has quinoa, spinach, mushroom, roast tomato, avo, poached egg with miso dressing. I felt this breakfast bowl was very nourishing and healthy. There is a nice balance of greens and hot elements from the poached egg/mushrooms.

Alternatively, I hear the locals love the Bacon and Egg Roll ($10). The roll comes on a milk bun, rocket and has a special house made Barbaioli sauce (BBQ and house made aioli of course). You can pimp up this baby with haloumi or other flavours as well for a small fee. Bacon, Egg and that Barbaioli are an amazing combination

Summary: Steph highly recommends the coffee and is now considering a new career like Frank (just kidding). I really loved the science behind the coffee and it's great to see innovation in this arena. In terms of food, I highly recommend the lamb jaffle. It was my favourite!!!! 

Otherwise Frank also serves up other tasty breakfast and lunch treats.

Price: $10-15 for most dishes

Location: Shop 3/1 Kings Cross rd, Darlinghurst

Opening Hours: 
Monday 7am to 11am
Tuesday to Friday 6am to 3pm
Saturday 7am to 2pm
Sunday 8am to 1pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of The PR Hub. All photos, opinions and words are my own.

Frankie's Beans Specialty Coffee Roaster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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