Saturday, 9 September 2017

Passion Tree, Chatswood

Passion Tree is an Asian dessert cafe which has very foodgasmic instagram photos! Who has a sweet tooth? MW and I have walked past here before and it's been on the list to check out.

MW is a massive fan of dessert and loves trying new things so I knew I was in for a sugar rush. MW and I meet up with other foodies from FCBA and the first thing I notice about the venue is how white it is.  Everything is clean, white and modern looking.

There are so many options so MW and I start off with some drinks. MW orders an iced chocolate and I order an Earl Grey tea. Tea is the perfect accompanying dessert drink as it's strong in flavour but is light and cuts through all the sugar. The iced chocolate is predictably very chocolatey and I wonder how MW will fare for the rest of the dessert meal.

A popular order amongst the FCBA crew seemed to be the matcha latte. It came out bright green and beautifully presented. I'm just not a massive fan of the bitter aftertaste that comes with matcha products so I stick to my tea.

Now... who's ready for the sugar journey to begin? I get tired and impatient as all the foodies continue to take hundreds of photos of the dessert. But eventually it's time to taste!

I first see these epic loaded hot chocolates. Each loaded with special flavours. There's the White Mint (far left), Rose Delight (front) peanut butter cuppa (far right) and also Campfire S'mores (back). The loaded hot chocolates are $9.90 and are quite intimidating. As I am a mint chocolate fan, I decide to sample some of the White Mint which is topped with whipped cream and bits of chocolate mint. It's a very sexy mint hot chocolate and the serving is very large so perhaps this one is for sharing.

The dessert that most caught my eye was the pancake stacks. They looked absolutely delicious! There was matcha (top right) and berry options ( top left) but my favourite is the black sesame pancake stack (below, $14.50).

The pancake stack has three pancakes that encase little red bean mochis and is then topped with an ice cream and cone for that touch of crunch. I have to say I did sample the ice cream from all three and they were delish but there was something particularly satisfying about the black sesame flavour.

By now I think I had enough sugar but the other FCBA foodies were ready to sample some other delights. The surprising winner and favourite of the group was the honey bread with taro ($14.90). On surface, this looks like such a simple dish but it was incredibly delicious and has a nice balance. The bread is sweet (as expected by the name) but it's savoury at the same time. The Taro ice cream is quite balanced and the cream and almond flakes also cut through the sugary flavours. 

If you're looking for more lighter dessert - there's also the Bingsoo berry ($14.90, below) which is made of shaved ice, candied blue berries and fresh strawberries topped with a strawberry ice cream.

Summary: I really enjoy all the Asian Flavours that Passion Tree has to offer. The highlights for me were the Black Sesame Pancake Stack and the Taro Honey bread. I highly recommend both!

Price: $15ish per dessert

Location: Chatswood Interchange, T67/436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Thursday and Sunday 11:30am to 9:30pm
Friday, Saturday 11:30am to 10:30pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of FCBA. All photos, opinions and words are my own.
Passion Tree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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