Monday, 25 January 2016

Efendy, Balmain

My very popular friend had a birthday brunch at Efendy in Balmain
Efendy is very popular in Balmain for their banquet breakfasts and contemporary Turkish meals. Efendy is located on the corner of Darling St and Elliot St and is always full of customers. It's currently got a very high rating of 3.8/5 on Zomato and I last came here for their award winning breakfast last year and I've always highly recommended Efendy for a nice brunch. The full menu is available between 9am to 2pm and will set you back $30.

From the bakery (top photo), you will get a choice of stone oven baked pide, feta and dill pogaca, sesame simit and also a walnut and sultana cake.

There is coffee or tea or the apple tea available and I opted for the Turkish Apple tea which is nice, sweet and comforting. This is part of the $30 breakfast / brunch deal.  The platter below had a dairy/cheese portion of butter, jersey milk clothed cream kaymak, sheep cheese feta, aged kasha cheese, shanklish cheese and string haloumi (which was my favourite).

The other portion was of spreads including honey, fig jam, grape molasses, apricot jam, muhammara and strawberry jam. There is also some olives, fresh cucumber and tomatoes.

Turkish pide bread (above).

There are also some hot dishes of Menemen eggs, Sujuk spicy sausage, cigar borek and pachanga borek (the boreks are pictured on the bakery board). I love the textures of the boreks.

You can also ask for a top up if you are still hungry but the feast is delicious. My favourites are the boreks, spreads with bread and olives. It's quite a social feast in a big group!

Prices: $30 per head for breakfast

Location: 79 Elliot St, Balmain

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 8/10 for casual dining
Customer Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Efendy Restaurant - meze bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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