Sunday, 17 January 2016

Vic's Meat Market, Pyrmont Fish Markets

The high quality food and smokey meaty taste has spread the good word of Vic's Meat Market.
Last time I came here, I thoroughly enjoyed Vic's burgers. This time I come back and I ordered one of everything off the menu for the ultimate experience.

I take a deep sniff of the smokey BBQ flavours and order the beef short rib with slaw and pickles ($30 top photo). The beef rib was absolutely tender, full of smokey flavours and very much melt in your mouth. It was very much a food orgasmic moment. I'm not sure if words or photos can actually articulate how tasty this beef rib was.  It's my favourite as it just melts in your mouth. The ribs come with a side of creamy slaw and pickles.

The burnt bits (below) are only available on the weekend which is a nice small side full of marinated meat.

The mac and cheese was slightly watery (below, $5) is also available on the weekend.

For burger lovers, my two favourites are the beef brisket burger ($12, above) which is a 12 hour smoked brisket with a home made BBQ and creamy slaw. The other is the smoked wagyu beef burger ($12, below) has pickles, onion, cheese and  tomato sauce.

The pork ribs ($44, below) are nice too but I prefer the beef ribs. You get a much larger portion of ribs with the pork. The slaw that comes with the pork is a sweet mustard.

The three chicken wings ($10, above for three wings) comes with a mild chipotle sauce. The chicken is smokey and well marinated. The Texan Sausage Links (below, $10) is a bit spicy with with spices, chili and jalapenos. It was a hit with sausage lovers in the group. It's got a nice kick to it.

I'm a repeat customer. My advice is to get there early, order burgers and the ribs and savour each bite. 10/10 baby!

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