Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Rook, Sydney CBD

The Rook is a hidden roof top bar in Sydney. I head there to catch up with an old friend.
It's not so secret now and the Rook has become very busy. I quite like the Rook when the sun is still out in the evening. It's a lovely open roof top bar, there's a wait for a table so I wait at the bar with a few drinks.

I bump into someone I know who is on their first tinder date with someone. It's definitely a nice venue for it

For $50, I order the lobster with the salad and truffle fries. When it arrives, I see a big lump of salad that sits on the lobster (above). The lobster looks quite appetising but is slightly over cooked so it's a but rubbery. The chips are good, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The salad is fresh. I think my friend is mildly disappointed by the lobster. All the other food we order is quite nice so perhaps save your money for the other dishes. 

I come back to the Rook a few times and order the crostinis which is topped with crushed peas and bocconcini ($10 for three pieces, above). The previous time, the peas were finely crushed and I order an extra one so that we could evenly share this dish. This is a nice snack and the combination of peas and cheese on that crunchy base makes a nice mouthful.

The lobster, chorizo and prawn croquettes with spicy aioli ($13 for three pieces, below) is one of my favourites. Again one time, I order an extra one when I was evenly sharing with a friend. The bulk of the croquette is potato and you can taste bits of lobster and chorizo. They are very tasty though, the potato is creamy and is delicious with the spicy aioli. A definite recommend!

My friend orders the lobster roll ($25, above) arrives with a side of crisps. There's chunks of potato, jalapenos, corn and lobster in a bread roll. My friend says it's enjoyable to eat but would consider ordering other things next time. She was hoping for a more simple roll with large chunks of lobster. I tell her, a roll which just lobster will probably cost a lot more.

No trip to the Rook is complete until you order the fries with truffle salt ($10, below). They are chunky chips with soft potato and lovely truffle flavours from the salt. I still dunk it in the
tomato relish sauce. This is a recommend.

Overall, I enjoy coming to the rook for a few drinks and some snacks. It's just got such a great vibe so I understand if people have tinder dates here. I suggest stopping by for a few drinks before or after dinner.

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