Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Thirsty Wolf, Newtown

Dazz and Mel were invited to check out Newtown Bar called The Thirsty Wolf, Newtown, to put their new Wing Roulette Challenge to the test!

So here’s the mission: 6 tasty sri racha wings ($12), 5 in a regular spicy sauce, and as quoted by the barman, 1 is a “surprise-melt-your-face-off” wing! We have a glass of milk at the ready and both dig in, wing for wing.

The wing roulette dish arrives and are nicely barbequed with a good dose of caramelized crispy edges. The portion was larger than expected consisting of not just the wing, though also the drummette and wing tip, and all are perfectly cooked.
We do our best to identify the roulette wing by sight, though no luck. So now it’s time to stop being chicken (pun intended), and give the wing roulette a spin.
We cautiously and carefully take our first bites…the first 2 thankfully aren’t the melt-your-face-off wings, we are relieved that it’s not, and that the wings are actually quite tasty.
The next 2 wings are equally delicious, though it comes down to the last 2 wings. Mel chooses her wing, and we prepare our mouths and tummies for the worst.
Both of us bite into our final wings, and there is a silence…
after the first few bites we both aren’t sure if we have the melt-your-face-off wing?!
We keep nibbling…and Dazz soon feels the spice levels gradually increasing. After about a minute it really hits him and Dazz reaches for that saving grace glass of milk. Mel being the less tolerant of spicy foods between us, takes a nibble and immediately reaches for the glass.
So overall the wing roulette was a lot of good fun with tasty well balanced wings that had us going back for more. The roulette wing thankfully won’t melt-your-face-off, though you’ll definitely feel it to varying degrees depending on your chilli tolerance level. Bring a group of friends and definitely give it a go!

The Thirsty Wolf happy hour was on so what better excuse to try the 2 for 1 cocktails ($18) from 7-9pm. The Dragon’s Breath cocktail we highly recommend for those seeking something a bit different with a chilli kick.
For a refreshing thirst-quencher that reminds you of Summer, check out the Cat’s Garden cocktail with Pimms, Apreol, Blueberries and cranberry juice.

“The Wolf” Burger ($12.95) reminded us flavour wise of a bigger than Big Mac burger that really hit the spot, and was as delicious inside as well as out with a generous stack of 200g beef, fried onion rings, cheese, pickles, tomato sauce, mustard, tomato slices and lettuce. Definitely recommend for the hungry wolves out there!
We also ordered a side of fries with bacon and cheese ($9.95) though received thick cut chips which were generously sized however we were hoping for light and crispy fries to match the amazingness of the burger.

The Watermelon Salad ($12.95) was the perfect thirst quencher, and the flavours of the plump watermelon, prosciutto, rocket, basil and parmesan were a great combination. Recommend.

We like that Thirsty Wolf provide a range of spaces to comfortably catch-up. The front bar section is great for a an after work drink, for groups the mid-room with a long communal table and impressive feature Wolf wall, the back courtyard for a summer drink, and upstairs for a spacious sit down area and community art gallery.

Summary: An unassuming bar with plenty of space, great service, and even better food options. Recommend bringing a couple friends to try the wing roulette challenge, Dragon’s Beard cocktail as well as the burgers and Watermelon salad.

Price: $30pp including cocktails

Location: 127 King St Newtown, located on the RPA Hospital side of King St.

Opening Hours: 6pm to 12am Tues to Sat, 6am to 10pm Sun

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This blog post was contributed by Melle and Dazza.
Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of The Thirsty Wolf. All words, opinions and photos are our own.

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