Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Star Harvest Breakfast Buffet, Pyrmont

With the recent refresh of the Harvest Buffet at the Star, I had only been for lunch and MW was really eager to see if the Star's Harvest lunch was comparable to the Harvest breakfast. So we check out the breakfast one morning when MW tricks me into waking up early.

Before I go into breakfast, if you want to see what was on offer at lunch - check out my previous blog post HERE. The Star's Harvest Breakfast is available 7am to 10am Monday to Friday however they close a bit later on the weekend at 10:30am.

The buffet will set you back $38. So what does $38 get you? Well I go for a walk and check out what's on range. Firstly there's an Asian section with BBQ Pork that's ready to be inserted into a bun.

You can also add various condiments to the BBQ bun at The Harvest buffet at the star. The dough was a bit dry as it had been sitting there for a while but it's still a nice change for breakfast.

In the Asian section of the Harvest Buffet at the Star, there's also greens, a won tossed vegetarian Singapore noodle dish and a fried rice dish as well.

Then there's more of a Western breakfast section. It starts off with grilled lamb chops.

I can never resist a good hash brown or thyme and garlic potatoes (they look like chips though, hey?).  I'm quite enjoying the Harvest Buffet at the Star.

MW looks excited at this section in particular with the eggs benedict, bacon, scrambled eggs and sausages. His first plate is full of this section, in particular the bacon which is crispy.

There's non-meat options as well including the baked beans, mushrooms and a pizza focaccia thingy. I look at the ham and cheese croissants and end up eating one. Yummy.

I avoided the boiled eggs for now. I also resisted the chickpea curry and Indian options as my palette wanted something else.

Instead I opt for some smoked salmon along with the cranberry juice and some of the other coloured juices. MW gets into yoghurt above.

The chocolate fountain and the dessert area is still open at Breakfast although not many people are visiting this area.

I see some buffet amateurs eating toast and some of the really carby food. MW and I look on slightly judgmentally but I suppose they are not eating the cereal. You would never go to a buffet and eat cereal!

I go for a bit of fruit at the end. MW goes for something a bit sweeter including ice cream, pancakes and a waffle. He's gotten into the chocolate fountain.

My final round is with some cheese and congee (I wanted to compare with Sokyo's congee). The Congee at Sokyo definitely wins. 

I'm quite full by now and MW has given up. We've done another successful round at the Harvest Buffet so what's the verdict?

I think lunch at the Harvest buffet is nicer, with more options that I would like. I think breakfast at Sokyo or the Hilton would be preferrable however the Harvest Breakfast still has a wide variety. It's still worthwhile checking out if you like what's on offer.

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  1. Wow sounds like the perfect place for a nice sunday brunch in Kansas City! It seems like you had a great time too. I had never heard of this place before but I'll definitely check it out when I have time. Thanks for sharing