Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sam's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant, Ermington

Your local Italian from the 90's is at Sam's Pizza and Pasta in Ermington/West Ryde

Sam's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant is a reliable eatery which escaped/survived the 90's. Think of the red tarten table cloth and delicious food at your suburban Italian in the 90's with your family.  Bring a bottle of wine and join the many local families that regularly eat at Sam's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.

For the pizza with the lot, try Sam's Special Pizza (above, $15). It was beautifully baked in the pizza oven and you could taste the freshly made pizza dough. Delicious.

You can also opt for a small pizza for $10 or large for $20. The special pizza has toppings of tomato, cheese, ham, cabanossi, mushroom, pineapple, capsicum, onion and olives.

You should also order a side of the traditionally made garlic bread at $4. The bread was really buttery.

I also tried the Tortellini Boscaiola (below, $14) with Ham, Mushroom and a light cream. The pasta was nice enough for a casual eatery and would resemble something home made. I would probably stick to the pizzas given cooking pasta at home is not too difficult to do.Overall, I had a nice time at Sam's Pizza and Pasta. It is reasonably priced and has a nice family crowd. It's a trip back to the 90's and is a nice change from your loud places like Crinitis. 

Prices: $15ish per person

Location: Corner of Marsden rd and Victoria Rd. Across from the BP and McDonalds near the Putt Putt in Ermington. 

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