Thursday, 10 July 2014

Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen, Surry Hills

I recently experienced the revamped, relaunched menu and all sorts of deliciousness @ Bar Surry Hills. Attached to the Rydges Hotel located in Surry Hills, Bar Surry Hills is the perfect venue for some laid back after work drinks.

What a treat to have freshly sliced meat! You can try the Salumi Misti Board for $18 (pictured below) which includes an array of Prosciutto, Sopressa, Mortadella, Grisini (hand made) with a side of olives. Absolutely delicious.

If you're hungry, Bar Surry Hills has an array of pizzas. The crusts are thick so if you're particularly hungry, I'd recommend one of the pizzas for $16.  Who can resist a classic like the margherita pizza.  If you're not a fan of thick crusts then hold your horses, I'm not done yet... keep on scrolling.

My absolute favourite dish of the night was the Arancini which was $9 (pictured below). Worth every penny. These balls are crunchy on the outside and then perfectly cooked so there is cheese oozing out.  The sauce is mayo which provides a slight sweet and sour dimension to the Arancini.

I was also very fortunate to witness a massive nutella pizza but I'm sure you can settle for the normal size $12 version. The crust is perfect for the dessert - soft, doughy and slightly soaked in the delicious nutella.  It's brushed with icing sugar and a piece of strawberry. Wow! Delicious.

Another must try is the canoli ($4 pictured below).  Note: the picture below are several canolis put together for the launch. Thick, sugary creme in a crunchy casing.  You won't be able to resist.

So thanks to Zoe from the drawing book for inviting me to the launch.  I enjoyed the delicious food and a few sneaky drinks too. Check out the full menu here.

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  1. Wow, that nutella pizza looks *#$#ing awesome. Will check it out, thanks :)