Thursday, 3 July 2014

Umi, Darling Quarter

Umi has a giant sushi train in the middle of it's restaurant in Darling Quarter. It's a very busy night and a bit of a wait but I think worthwhile.

Their udon dishes are tasty and very reasonably priced. There's the chicken katsu udon (with egg, splashes of seaweed, tempura flakes) and I also ordered the beef teriyaki spinach udon dish (with the same trimmings as the first udon).  The sushi plates are good and consistent but I suggest you do a combination of main/sushi plates.

I also tried the dessert which was a warm green tea brulee and cold mascarpone roll. I thought the brulee was nice with a crunchy top and an egg-like soft bottom.  The mascarpone roll was rock hard and cold.  It was a rich roll but provided contrast to the brulee.

A nice dinner with some nice company :)

Prices: Udon dishes range from $12 to 15, Sushi plates are colour coded and dessert was $10

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