Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Veggie Patch Food Van, Hyde Park NAIDOC celebrations

For $10, you can choose from the zucchini fetta burger, almond and olive burger (vegan) and the haloumi burger. Being a former vegetarian for about 17 years, I opted for the haloumi burger. I had the most satisfying haloumi burger in my life @ the Veggie Patch Food Van.  I think this is Sydney's best vegetarian burger.  There, I said it!

Everything was just put well together.  The haloumi was perfectly cooked and your fancy trimmings pumpkin jam, chipotle, pickled fennel, grapefruit stout, mustard mayo and spinach just came together like a perfect puzzle of tasty goodness.

Follow this food truck and get their burgers! Try their sweet potato chips :)

I saw the food truck in Hyde Park for the NAIDOC celebrations.  A great lunch hour and some talented indigenous entertainment too.

Price: $10 per burger, $5 for other sides

Haloumi Burger $10

Very popular !

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