Sunday, 13 July 2014

Gion Nanba, Kyoto, Japanese Degustation

Are you looking for a michelin hat? You can find one at Gion Nanba which was opened in 2006 by chef Osamu Nanba. Chef Nanba was cooking this evening and I also met his Souschef Okada Akira. You sit on a seat with a blanket for your comfort.

The michelin hat represents a standard of dining and Gion Nanba did not disappoint. I had an amazing experience at the restaurant.  Make sure you book because there are only about 10 seats in the restaurant. Are you ready for this 10 course meal?

煮物椀 (Nimonowan) - soup with tansy tofu, rock trout

向付(Mukouzuke) - sashimi - sagittate calamari, red sea bream, tuna, Japanese amberjack

八寸 (Hassun) - Chub mackerel sushi, “Moroko" (kind of carp) from Biwa-ko lake (in Shiga prefecture)

焼物 (Yakimono) - Baked masu salmon with brassica, vinegar & egg yolk source

箸休 (Hashiyasume) - Sparkling enope squid, ostrich fern, sugar snap peas, Japanese tiger prawn with tomato sauce

香の物 (Kanomono) - Japanese pickled cucumber, sansho konbu (Konbu sea weed with Japanese pricklyash flavor), spring cabbage

御飯 (Gohan) - Steamed rice with noodle fish and bamboo shoot

汁  (Shiru) - Red-bean miso soup with tofu

水物 (Mizumono) - Strawberry mousse, Sakura-cherry sorbet, blueberry & raspberry source, white-wine jelly

お菓子 (Okashi) - Mushed sweet potato peach flavor, red bean jam inside
Price: A beautiful degustation menu for $10,000 yen (About $100 AUD).

Directions: Located at Hanamikoji Higashiiru, Shijo, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan.Get off at Kawara-Machi Station, Walk East and when you see star bucks on your right, on your left there should be an alley.  Walk down this little dark alley and find a little red sign.  Knock on the sliding hidden doors and enter this cute little restaurant.

The food: Each dish seems so delicate. Amazing. So many delicious and delicate components on each dish. Different flavours, fresh produce, incredibly polite staff and all of this is set in a classic looking Kyoto secret hole in the wall.

The highlights for me were fresh sashimi, prawn dish and dessert. I loved every dish though. AMAZING.

I'd definitely recommend this restaurant. A great opportunity to michelin standard food.
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