Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hotel Australia, Miles (remote Queensland - not in Brisbane)

I was advised Hotel Australia is the place to be when you're in Miles.  It's Hotel Australia or the IGA supermarket (which I've also been to).  Hello Miles! You're about 5kms from one of big liquified natural gas plants I was visiting.

I was here for a work function celebrating all the volunteers who assist with safety training at my work and the food did not disappoint. I ordered the classic steak with prawns with half a kilo of chips (I'm kidding, it was a lot of chips though). A nice posh pub meal.

Despite it being a very large group, the steak was perfectly cooked and it was tasty.  The steak was drowned in a light white sauce which also matched the skewer of prawns. Come by for a lunch or a dinner and make some new friends in this little town.

Prices: $25 to $30 per main

Location: 55 Murilla Street, Miles, Remote Queensland, Australia

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