Tuesday, 29 July 2014

On Ramen, Haymarket, Sydney

It's time to get your ramen on! Ramen on is responsible for that elusive ramen burger that stole everyone's hearts at the Noodle Markets.  They no longer serve the ramen burger but their menu is still full of other cheap and cheerful delights.

I had a bit of a taste of the katsu curry and was really pleasantly surprised.  It was was sweet, spicy with your expected Japanese Curry flavours. It probably had more of a kick with the chili than your average Japanese curry.

Ramen on is famous for their ramen which looked and smelt amazing! It will convert even your most biggest ramen skeptics.  This picture above was the ramen with the chicken yakitori and a side salad.

For those not looking for a brothy meal; you may want to go for either the yaki-soba or the yaki-udon stir fry.  The Yaki-Udon has subtle flavours with a dash of seafood. The Yaki-Soba was jam packed full of flavour.  On ramen is a great, quick place for lunch or a sneaky dinner after a few drinks.

Prices: $11 to $15 or about $20 for a set

Location: 181 Hay St, Haymarket (on the tram line)

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