Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Snag Stand, Sydney

Situated in the food court of Westfield, the Snag Stand is very popular with customers who attend to the upper market food court.  Quite there is a lot of stiff competition in the posh food court, a lot of people go to Snag Stand because it fulfills a certain craving.

How does this sound to you? A spicy spanish chorizo grilled with semi dried tomatoes, chipotle aioli, baby rocket and shredded spanish goats cheese on a brioche roll (at $9.90) with a side of amazingly crunchy chips  ($3.95 regular size) with truffle aioli sauce ($1.00).

Well it tastes as amazing as it sounds. The spicy chorizo snag was very tasty.  It probably had a little bit too much cheese for my liking but it has all the makings of a powerful punch of flavours.

I always go for a snack at Snag Stand which typically involve the large chips and the truffle aioli but on this occasion I decided also on what I should be going there for.. the snags!  Better go for a run after this meal.

Prices: Snags and burgers will cost you between $6.90 to $12.90

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