Sunday, 6 July 2014

To's Malaysian Gourmet, North Sydney

Hidden away under some stairs, To's is a very popular and buzzing cheap and cheerful Malaysian eatery. The rice and noodle dishes are very popular and I've eaten these dishes over the years.

Recently though, I opted for the chicken curry with roti bread.  The roti bread was AMAZING, flakey, soft on the inside, enough crunch on the outside.  The curry was nice but I would have liked a little bit more heat.  The beef rendang was drenched in spiced sauce with a side of rice.

Prices: Mains under $10

It's a bit hectic as they have no ticketing or system in picking up your food so expect to be a highly attentive listening as they call out your dish.  To's is still a great place for a North Sydney lunch. It's quick, easy and cheap and cheerful! It's decore is cheap and cheerful too... maybe with a bit more cheap :)

Chicken Curry with Roti $8.5

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