Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Carl's Jr, Bateau Bay

Out of curiousity, I make the trip to Bateau Bay to check our Carl's Jr and also take the opportunity to go to the beach.

Carl's Jr is an American burger chain that currently only has one Australian location in Bateau Bay in Northern NSW. It's a few hours drive from Sydney so I head there with some friends to hit the beach and to check out the hype.  

As I arrive, there's about 50 people lining up in a queue and I impatiently wait! I probably waited a good 40 minutes in line and then another 40 minutes for the food. This better be good - I thought! I arrive there at about 1pm for lunch.  As I get to the top of the queue, the staff tell me there's no ice cream so that means no thick shakes or desserts. I am devo!

There's a large range of burgers and fries. I end up ordering a large range of burgers with my friends and we all try a bit of everything. 

The burgers are predominantly beef burgers with a smaller chicken burger range. With chips you have a choice of onion rings, waffle fries, regular fries and hot chilli fries! I want to try it all given I've made the trek. The waffle fries and chilli fries were my favourite. The onion rings were mostly crunchy string bits if that's what you liked. The normal fries are on par with Maccas.

With the pricing, it's better to order a meal where you can get a burger, chips and drink for about $15.

The angus thick burgers are on par with Hungry Jacks burgers. The beef patties taste similar although there are a few variations. I order the guac and bacon thick burger. It's not bad and satisfies my hunger.  

You also have a choice of choosing 1/3 or 1/2 pound burgers depending on your hunger with the thick burgers. The angus thick burgers hit my fast food spot. It's quite nice but unremarkable with many Hungry Jack's and other burger joints in Sydney that would give Carl's Jr a run for its money.

(above photo, self service soft drink - unlimited drinks)

There's also a range of char grilled burgers. The "famous with cheese" is very similar to Hungry Jack's cheese burger. You can't choose the size of the pattie like you can with the angus choices. 

The chicken burgers are unremarkable as well and are comparable to KFC burgers (left photo).

(Below is the mushroom burger, it's got bacon on it as well so there's not really a vegetarian option).

The pineapple and berry fruit shakes are really tasty. It's a icey but full flavoured drink. 

I had read an interesting review about the chilli fries from Not Quite Nigella where her chips were cold and the cheese was not melted. I had a different experience where the chips were room temperature, the cheese and meats were heated/melted.

Highlights: I liked the fruit shakes and the waffle fries. 

Would I go back? 
The burgers were nice fast food burgers but unremarkable and probably not worth the drive if you don't live nearby. They have a nice range of burgers and fries though which is missing in other fast food chains. If I lived in the area, I'd check it out but I'd be hesitant about the line. I'd just go to Hungry Jacks as I live in Sydney though

Price: $15 for a burger, chips and drink 

Location: Bateau Bay Square, Corner of Central Coast High Way and Bay Village rd, Bateau Bay 

Opening Hours: 6am to midnight daily

Summary: Lisa's Rating: Check it out if you live nearby and if you have a lot of patience
Food: 7/10 for fast food
Customer Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value: 7/10

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  1. Burger was cold and i live literally 2 mins away was not busy at all.