Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sydney Wine Centre, Pyrmont

 I got a real education on wine glasses with the Riedel master class at the Sydney Wine Centre in Pyrmont. I never really thought that the shape, depth and the quality of the glass would make such a difference in taste of the wine. Riedel Glasses are gorgeous.

I was invited to this master class by the Blurb, an American based company who help people self publish books. Mark walked us through some lovely wines talking through the glass shapes.

We tasted exactly the same wine but in different glasses and - boy - did it make a difference!! I am in love with these glasses now. There are certain glasses that compliment certain wines.

The most common glass "Vinum Sav Blanc" (top photo, far left) is best utilised with your savignon blancs. For chardonnay wine, I drank out of the broader brim glass titled "vinum oaked chardonnay" (pictured below). The far right glass above is best consumed with a cabernet merlot.

Pinot Noir are best consumed by the "Vinum Pinot Noir" glass (left picture) which is fat but longer than the chardonnay glass. I generally prefer red wines so I was enjoying the tasting out of this glass.

QHL smells the wine to really flesh out those flavours. We also do some food and wine matching with the Sydney Wine Centre who regularly run wine tasting classes from about $75 per person. It was a really nice experience. I'd highly recommend it with a group of friends.

The food and wine tasting had small snack portions of food. There was a tasting of an oyster, cheese, peking duck pancake and that lamb chop. I love it when food taste even better with wine. It really makes a meal. Naturally, as you would expect that the oyster and cheese went with the whites - sav blanc and chardonnay while the peking duck went well with the reds. There was more detail to it but I was a bit tipsy by then.

Overall, it was a really nice experience and I recommend both Riedel glasses as well as the wine class at the Sydney Wine Centre. The highlight was really tasting the wines in the different wine glasses and seeing a significant difference in taste when you don't use the right glass. AMAZING.

I think the other highlight was getting slightly tipsy while learning. It was a bit naughty.

The Blurb publishing company invited me to a lovely wine tasting at the Sydney Wine Centre. All words, opinions and photos are my own

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