Friday, 18 July 2014

King's Seafood Restaurant, Eastwood

Kings Seafood Restaurant is a popular Chinese restaurant in Eastwood. You will often find many people queuing up outside for yum cha and a microphone calling out numbers for who is next. About a 3 minute walk from the Station, get there early if you want to avoid waiting.

This is a for value yum cha so you can expect very reasonable prices.

Prices: $15 - $20 per person

Location: 140 Rowe St, Eastwood, NSW

The prawn noodles (Cheong Fun) were perfection.  Soft, warm noodles with fresh prawns. The taro combination (Wu Gock) were cripsy on the outside and had soft taro on the inside. 

The garlic prawn and spinach dumplings were warm, bursting with garlic flavour and the prawn dumplings were expectantly fresh.  The prawn dumplings were slightly different shaped but I didn't mind. Finally the bright orange squid was chewy but had enough crisp to make it enjoyable.

Overall a great experience. Hopefully they can keep up the consistency moving forward.

I have been to Eastwood King Seafood Restaurant several times.  I've had mixed experiences but more recently I had a pleasant experience.  I can't say their food is consistent with freshness but I come back out of convenience, value and prospect of another wonderful experience.

Luckily it paid off recently. 

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