Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Red Pepper Bistro, Strathfield

My Korean Fried Chicken obsessed friend who ate kilos of fried chicken in Korea with me suggested checking out Red Pepper Bistro. I quickly did a search on my fellow bloggers and it seemed they all agreed that Red Pepper Bistro is the place to be for Korean Fried Chicken. The 4.2/5 Zomato Rating also speaks volumes.

It's located inside the Strathfield Sports Club which is unexpected. As soon as I enter, I see hoards of people without a free table in sight. When you order a non-Korean Fried Chicken main, you'll get a few Korean sides. I got there by 7pm and they had sold out of some of the dishes, I really wanted to try the soy and garlic chicken and snow fried chicken but I was out of luck.  Alas, I ordered the half order of Spring Onion Korean Fried Chicken (top photo, $18).

The chicken was nice and crispy with a mild soy wasabi sauce. The meat was nice and juicy as well. It was delicious. I'd recommend this chicken dish!

I had to settle for second best boneless chicken in lieu of the other dishes being sold out ($18, below). The boneless chicken resembled a steggles chicken platter. It was nice enough but not quite the Korean Fried Chicken I was hoping for.

With some guilty pangs. I ordered a side salad to make the meal slightly healthier. Overall, I really enjoyed the spring onion Korean Fried Chicken. I would strongly suggest getting there earlier to ensure you get all the chicken dishes you want and to also ensure you get a table. I will have to come back to taste the other dishes.

Prices: $18 for a half a portion of chicken

Location: 4A Lyons Rd, Strathfield

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